VIP Sewing Course

I'm here to make your sewing journey less complicated!

I'm here to help you level up your sewing experience to another level. I know how frustrated it can be. I am here to take your mind to ease while helping you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! I have managed to teach over 200 students how to get over their fear of making something new and venturing out to making their own creations for their business or hobby. My programs have served more than 200 students who have successfully used my step-by-step system to grow their sewing experience to a level they never imagined. Anyone with a passion for sewing or interested would benefit from our course. And I am ready to share that knowledge with you!


Whether you are a seasoned pro, or just want to learn how to sew a button, SEW UNIK Course can help you learn a variety of sewing techniques from basic to advanced.

This course is an excellent opportunity to combine your creativity with your technical skills to create beautiful clothing and handbags sure to impress your family.

This course also covers sewing for profit, which means this program could be an EXCELLENT stepping stone toward adding money in your pockets or even starting a new career.

Let's spend some time together to get clear on your next steps:

Here's how I can help!

You can brought a sewing machine (or gifted one) and don't know where to start...

Maybe you know the basics of sewing but need additional help with sewing techniques, how to master specific garment details...

.....Or maybe you're advanced but want to learn handbags or other projects that you wont find anywhere else to broaden your sewing level to another notch...


If you're not clear about how to get started, let me help you!  I am a sewist with a lot of experience, that was once if your shoes, so I know the struggle.  You need someone with a lot of experience with sewing that know exactly what to do to help you succeed!


This is a free, no obligation 15-20 Minute strategy consultation!

Success stories


by Amanda Baker

All I can say is WOW! Diana's strategy call taught me soooo much about what I needed to do in order to move to the next level. She has a WEALTH of knowledge on sewing as a whole! It was extremely breathtaking! I decided to enroll in her course! And wow, I have learned so much in just week 1. She is so knowledgeable, a great teacher, patient and answer's all her student's questions! Diana ROCKS! Take advantage because you won't find this anywhere else!

What an amazing class

By Lisa Weather

I scheduled a call with Diana on a Monday right after work. I wasn't expecting so much from a 20 minute call at all. I felt so pumped when I hung up the phone with her. She is so empowering. I admire her so much. She was dropping GEMS! I couldn't resist, I booked! Right away! I have sewn my first hanbag and omg I still can't believe I did it. She taught us STEP BY STEP. I don't even want to wear because it is soooo cute! This class is DEEP! And Diana is beyond excellent on teaching! I recommend this course to any and everyone that's interested in sewing!