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Sewing 101: Learn the basics

In Sewing 101, this class is a introduction to sewing, where you will learn the steps to making your very own handmade piece.  Leave out with your very own pillow.

In this class, you will learn:

  1. Basic intro to a sewing machine, including how to sew a straight seam

  2. How to cut fabric accurately

  3. Pinning and sewing seams, understanding seam allowance

  4. Leave class with an understanding of sewing fundamentals, and the knowledge to tackle more sewing projects on your own!

Class Details:

Cost: $45

Date & Time: 

Sat, July 31st from 12pm-2:30pm

Sat, Aug 7th from 12pm-2:30pm

Sat, Aug 21st from 12pm-2:30pm

Class Length: 2.5hrs

Supply List: All Supplies Included!

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Sewing 102: A little more than basic

This is a level up from Sewing 101

Have you taken our Sewing 101 class? Well, this class is a level up from our Sewing 101, as we will dig a little deeper and learn a few more techniques to advance your sewing level.  That's right, there's more to learn! In this class, we will go over more stitches, learn new techniques and finish with making our very own pajama/cozy pants.

Size for the pattern is kids small (4) to large (16) and adults small to 2xl. If you need a size not specified, please email us ASAP!

Date and Time: 

August 14th from 11-

Supply List: Will be emailed upon registration

Price: $40 per person

During this Class you will learn:

  • Four different types of stitches
  • How to make button holes
  • How to read patterns
  • How to make your own pajama pants

Skill level required: This is a beginner advanced course. Sewing machine basics is required for this course.  Our Sewing 101 (or equivalent) is a prerequisite for this course.  The definition of machine sewing basics is being able to set up your machine independently and have basic knowledge of sewing. If you have any questions, please email us at unikfad@yahoo.com and we will assist.


Open Sewing Studio Sessions

Need help on a project you are working on or want to learn new techniques?

Come to our studio and get private and professional assistance on any project you are working on or want to start.  Open studio sessions is available for all levels and ranges from anything you want or need assistance on.  Book now with the link provided below.

Class Details:

Cost: $25 per hour

Date & Time: Every Wednesday from 4-7pm

Class Length: depends based on how long you book

Supply List: Student brings own supplies

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