What makes our online sewing course UNIK?

Our "Teach me to sew" membership plan is very much so different and UNIK from any other online course. Our course is designed to help you along the way. This is no "pay and good luck" course. We provide very detailed step-by-step tutorials and accountability monthly calls to keep you on track.

  • We break down every aspect of sewing from the very beginning.

  • You will gain knowledge on fabrics, needles, thread, notions and sewing terms.

  • Our course is self paced so you don't feel rushed through the process.

  • We provide monthly Q and A sessions to keep you on track.

  • Learn handbag and clothing designs.

  • Avoid the frustration and learn with ease and confidence.

  • No obligation, can cancel at any time!


Once you pay, you gain full access of all materials.


Still have questions?

  • Who is this course designed for?

    This course is designed for beginners with little to no experience or women who want to advance their skill level.

  • What projects will I learn?

    Most of our projects consists of handbag designs. We are branching off and adding clothing monthly for a more diverse collection.

  • How do I cancel my membership?

    You have the ability to cancel your membership anything through your profile. It's very easy. Remember, our course allows you to cancel at any time, no obligation.

  • What tools are required to begin?

    During the first course, you will receive a list of things needed throughout the duration of the course. We will also provide a list of sewing machine recommendations as well.

  • Can I share my membership with a friend?

    No. The system will kick out duplicate users. If this happens, a refund will not be granted.

  • How long is the course?

    This course is self paced. You go at your own speed so there is no rush. We want to ensure you are comfortable and obtaining all the information and knowledge provided.

What Our Students are Saying...

This class is the truth

Camisha Washington

Man! All I can say is you have a loyal student in me! I am so happy with the course. I have learned so much. I have had little to no experience sewing and this course has made me so comfortable and confident. I learned a whole lot and it was real easy to keep up. I definitely got more than I thought. This class is worth every penny. Don't sleep on Sew Unik Handbag Course.

Thank you Sew Unik

Tesha Martin

Hello, my name is Tesha Martin. I took the Sew Unik VIP Bundle and wow. I was truly amazed of the results I received from the class. I have NEVER touched a sewing machine. Diana taught how to set up the sewing machine, her videos were so easy to follow, the live sessions with her students were truly helpful, she gave way more than advertised. I was able to master all 6 tutorials. Thank you again, Diana!

The best handbag class ever!

by Martha Waynes

This is Martha. 30 years of sewing experience and all I can say is the saying "you can teach an old dog new tricks" is 'true! I've sewn handbags in my days but nothing Diana offers. I was nervous about taking her course, but she ensured me I was fine and her goal was to ensure I MASTERED ALL COURSES. And she did. She wouldn't let me quit. Went out her way to video call me and check on my progress. I had no choice but to get over my fear. Now I sell them in my store and they have became my BEST SELLERS. Diana, I can't thank you enough. THE BEST HANDBAG CLASS EVER!

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