Course curriculum

This is everything you will have access to once signing up! This is a beginner and kid friendly course.

  • 1

    Introduction to Tote Bag Course

    • Fundamentals of Sewing

  • 2

    Shopping List

    • Tote Bag Shopping List

  • 3

    Tote Bag Tutorial

    • Intro to Tote bag course

    • Cutting out pattern pieces

    • Sewing exterior panels

    • Adding lining inserts

    • OUTRO: You're all done!

  • 4

    UNIK Techniques

    • Copy of How to make and add inside pockets

    • How to add boxed corners

  • 5

    Join our private Facebook Page

    • Join our Facebook Community!

  • 6

    End of Course Survey

    • How was this course?

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This course is a phenomenal introduction to handbag making. Whether you've made a bag before, or have never even thought about it, you'll be guided step-by-step to making this UNIK tote bag!